Games to play with children at the airport

Travelling with small children means you have to prepare for the most difficult moments of the holiday, such as waiting at the airport. Children get annoyed in airports and miss the space and open air of the outside world where they can play freely.

Travelling with children is not complicated, you just have be well organised, then everything can become a game, even the hours waiting in the airport. In the case of long trips with stop overs it's essential to carry some books and games in your hand luggage in order to keep your child occupied while waiting in the airport. If your child is playing and having fun, they won't notice time passing and the waiting time will be effectively cut out.

Children get fed up easily and need to change activity around every ten to fifteen minutes. So make sure to bring at least three or four fun activities in your hand luggage. Video games are always a secret weapon, children enjoy them a lot and different games can go onto the same device. Eventually video games can become tiring on the eyes, so alternate them with more creative games.

We suggest Pickup Sticks, it takes up little room and you can use a book as a base for dropping the sticks. That's it, a book! Because you can't travel with children without bringing a good picture book to read and leaf through. Finally, don't forget to download a couple of cartoons onto your smartphone or tablet, they're useful for the wait in the airport and the flight.