Rent a stroller in Sicily

The stroller on vacation is essential! Travel light: not carry it from home, rent your stroller in Sicily on kidsinsicily and we deliver it into your travel destination.

On kidsinsicily you can choose to rent the lightweight stroller or reclining stroller. Which one to choose?

The lightweight stroller that we offer on kidsinsicily is the stroller Chicco Snappy approved for children from six months. It weighs just 5.7kg and is very compact when folded, the backrest is adjustable to two positions. These features make it ideal for short walks and frequent moves because you can close it and carry with ease. The stroller is the cheapest rental solution, it only costs € 2.50 per day. To rent the lightweight stroller click here.

The reclining stroller that you find on kidsinsicily is the Chicco stroller London, approved from zero to 15 kg. The reclining stroller is perfect for long walks that make sleep your puppy. To rent a reclining stroller click here.