Do you want to see Griffons?

A colony of more than 100 lives in Grifoni Rocca del Crasto in Alcara Li Fusi in the province of Messina.

Bird almost mythological hero of fairy tales and nursery rhymes that are lost in the mists of time, the Griffin is one of the largest and grandest European vultures. It can reach a length of up to 110 cm, weighing over 10 kg and measure, with spread wings, 2 meters and 80 cm.

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Majestic and long-lived, with an average age that is not very different from 30 years - but some specimens can reach 35-40 - presents a tawny-brown plumage, which resembles the Latin origin of the name, Gyps, " vulture ", and precisely" Vulture ", that shade of red fading to brown. Only the ends of pens appears black, while below the head, lighter, is clearly visible the typical collar of feathers that unites and distinguishes while the Gryphon from other species of vultures. (Source:

Extinct almost everywhere in Italy, he lived in Sicily in the Nebrodi Park.

Do you want to see them up close? And maybe even give them to eat?

The next round of  Feeding Griffins, organized from Ambiente Sicilia, is Saturday August 8 at 8 a.m., during the event Alcara Country Festival, for more info click here.

Of note within the Festival the other activities for children:
Friday, August 7 20.00 West Games
Saturday, August 8 17.30 Children's West Village
Sunday, August 9 09.30 Meeting Educational Livestock Participation all'Alcara Country Festival is free.

Thanks to  Sicilia Weekend for reporting and Ambiente Sicilia for the valuable information about the world of the Griffins.

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