Child seat rental

Are you planning a holiday in Sicily by car? Rent a car seat for your children and travel safety and light.

On KidsinSiciliny you can rent baby seat and find it directly at your destination with any stress. Usually you can pay car seat for kids as extra service when you rent a car. Have you ever think if the child seat is cleaned and sterilized after use? The hygiene is very important when we talk about articles for children, especially in Sicily when is very hot and seat cars absorb all sweat and your kid risk skin irritation.

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With KidsinSicily you don’t have to worry about that ‘cause we clean and disinfect all child seat after use with atoxic soap, so be ready and perfumed for your baby.

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Rent a seat car for your kid on Kidsinsicily is cheaper than a car rental, only euro 3,93 per day. Visit our web site to rent child seat and all necessary for your child and newborn.

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