Flight tickets for children and newborns

Children can travel by air from very young, even as newborns. For both children and newborns it is necessary to buy a ticket. Travelling children are divided into two categories according to age:
- Infant, from 0 – 2 years
- Child, from 2 – 12 years

Infants cannot get a seat and should be kept in the arms for the duration of the flight. The cost of infant tickets is normally very low, usually only the cost of airport taxes and a cost of around 10% for long flights. With Ryanair, the cost of bringing an infant is €22 (or the local currency equivalent) for each direction. If the infant reaches two years before the return flight, the cost will be adjusted accordingly.

If you prefer a regular seat for your infant, it is possible to buy a regular ticket (at the same price as an adult ticket), then you must use a car seat that meets the characteristics as required by the individual airlines. Infants must however be held by the parent during take off and landing.

The Child tariff is half the price of an adult fare. Some companies also offer a 50% discount on further services such as extra luggage and seat selection.