Termal bottle and food holder

from € 1,57 per day*
PricesPackage for 3 days € 12,00
Package for 7 days € 18,00
Package for 14 days € 22,00
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The Thermal Bottle Holder and Food Holder keeps your baby's food or your bottles hot for 5 hours. The 2x250ml containers are suitable for storing a complete meal: blended food, broths and puree. The stainless steel container can also be used as a thermos flask to carry hot or cold solid food or cool drinks. The thermos cap can be used as a practical cup when feeding your baby. A side pouch is aimed to store the baby's cutlery. The body of food container is made of stainless steel to ensure maximum hygiene and resistance. The base, in non-slip material, helps to avoid accidental spillages from the bottle and food holder.