Bioparco di Sicilia

Bioparco di Sicilia was founded in 1999 with the Dinosaur Land, an exhibition area within a botanical garden housing the reproduction of more than 20 life-size dinosaurs.
A Greenhouse rich in tropical plants was added a year later. It still houses a Terrarium with different kinds of living reptiles.
The Aquarium with freshwater and salt-water fish was created in 2001. At the same time they added activity areas for children of all ages.
rnIn 2002 Bioparco di Sicilia began housing animal species from all over the world with the goal of creating a real zoological garden.
Today Bioparco di Sicilia is a large park with a botanical garden of 60.000 square meters and a series of exhibitions leading visitors along the journey of evolution of life on earth.
The Dinosaur Land, the Madeira Greenhouse, the Terrarium, the Primitive Man exhibition, the fossil and mineral exhibition, the Italian Farm, the “journey to the five continents” exhibition, the Zoo, the new Primates area, the three activity areas and the picnic areas offer visitors the opportunity to spend the entire day close to nature.
Bioparco di Sicilia works towards conservation of both animal and vegetable endangered species and also works in conjunction with varies other organizations. It frequently houses wild animals that have been seized from the wild or from individuals who were keeping the animals in violation of the Convention of Washington, better Known as CITES.

Children’s service

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