Travelling with children: hand luggage and checked luggage

Airline companies always distinguish between hand luggage and checked luggage. Hand luggage is generally smaller and can be brought aboard the aircraft to be stored in the overhead compartments, while checked luggage is placed into the hold of the aircraft and it is for this that all the Low Cost airlines will add an extra charge.

Do children have the right to hand luggage? The answer is: “it depends”.

The possibility to bring aboard hand luggage for the child depends on their age and obviously the regulations of the airline. Ryanair state that an adult traveling with a child of between 8 days and 23 months on their lap, may bring a bag weighing a maximum of 5 kg in addition to their allowance of hand luggage. In the same circumstance Alitalia allows 10kg.

If you have purchased a seat for your child, which is obligatory for children over 24 months, then the hand luggage restrictions are the same as for an adult.

Nearly all airlines will allow you to bring a foldable pushchair to be stored in the hold for free, while some companies will add a fee for additional items such as car seats and travel cots.

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